Anxiety is a mental health disorder characterised by feelings of worry, anxiety or fear that are strong enough to interfere with one’s daily activities.

The Church and Psychiatry


Many people have one or more beefs with the church.
Some don’t agree with paying tithe, some baptism, order of worship or other stuffs. Whatever be the case, let me tell you roles church play in psychiatry.

The church has tuned people up psychologically, for instance, you see and hear a sick person repeating or claiming ‘I am strong’ or ‘I am well’ (there’s this saying, you are what you say) after the Priest or Pastor. Study shows that repeating these phrase over time has a way of turning the neurotransmitters in a correct direction- cognitive reversal.

The Church has done greatly in helping people fulfill their need to belong, thereby promoting self esteem or self actualization (Maslow, 1971).
The Church gave people something to believe in, instead of believing in Nothing.

Morals that church teaches, to a very large extent has helped people leave/avoid some health risky behaviours.

Confession is psychoanalysis which is without absolution of sin. Many slide out of depression after asking for forgiveness of sins. Many obtain faith to do things that dared them, things that gave them phobia.

Some non medical or not responsive to medical treatment cases, the Church has cured some successfully. That does not mean you should not seek medical interventions when need be.

Church is a psychosocial construct, if you are confused about its practices or beliefs, seek clarification. Do not mock it.


Every 40 seconds, someone loses their lives to suicide. Almost 800,000 people die yearly from suicide.
Like addiction, suicide is a symptom of an underlying problem. Those who attempt suicide do so to escape from painful reality. Most people who commit suicide do not really want to die. They just want to end the pain. People who commit suicide are not in the right frame of mind to think logically or rationally.Suicide is a symptom of mental health challenges or a result of untreated mental illness. Mental health challenges varies, from bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia, conversion disorder and a host of others………people suffering from MH disorder may want to take their life. Studies has shown that clinical depression is a chief cause of suicide. History of prolonged medical ailment can also result to MH disorder that may push one to commit suicide. For instance, there’s been reported cases of people attempting suicide for being HIV positive.
No one is immuned against MD disorder but some factors like biological (genetic), environmental and social factors can trigger it.
I defined suicide as a cry that was not heard. Even when life seems worthless, no one really want to end it. Suicide is highly preventable.
Here are some Tips
1. Do not worry excessively about things you can not change. Remember you can not control how people act towards you but you can control how you respond to them.
2. Don’t create unrealistic or unreasonable expectations. “Expectations not met weakens the heart”.
3. Think positively, use positive affirmations like “yes I can”, “I am fine”, “I can do it”, “All will be well”.
4. Do not seek validation from other people. This is a major threat to Mental health, excepting commendations, appreciation, love, empathy (which is ideal) from people you meet may not always be obtainable. People disappoint, learn to manage disappointment well.
5. Self care is very important…take care of yourself, take a break when need be, eat well, sleep well and exercise.

If your mental health is disturbed, all the dimensions of your health will suffer.
Suicide is not an option
Do you feel life is worthless?
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Cognitive distortion

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I will be addressing cognitive distortion which simply means abnormal thought pattern by explaining Inner Critic and Core beliefs (CB).

Inner Critic
what does this mean? It means that voice in the head that always talks one down, beats one up, makes one doubt him/her self. It is that voice that tells you how inadequate or inefficient you are. How ugly, unacceptable, foolish you are. That is your inner critic. The voice that always criticise you. It tells you “don’t to it”, when you try, it tells you, it tells you “you can’t get it right”
Get hold of your inner critic, command it to shut up! Tell it you are in charge and better than what it says of you. Then go ahead and be incharge my replacing it with positive words, do you, even if you fail keep trying. You are the best. I, Iloputaife Oluchi, i’m the best-est.

A core belief
A core belief simply means how we see ourselves and the world around us. CB affects how we relate with/to people, it also affects how we react to situations. CB can be negative or positive but we concentrate on negative CBs cos it’s a major factor in cognitive distortion. CBs are usually as a result of early childhood experiences e.g neglect, trauma etc.
Let us illustrate using Bugy whose CB about himself is that he is useless.
Bagy (Bugy’s friend): Hey Bugy let us play ball?
Bugy: No I can’t, ask someone else.
To identify CB, one has to explore his/her thoughts, emotions, Behaviours then write them down. And consciously eliminate the unhealthy ones.


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